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EezyPlumb: Multi-functional Plumbing Connection Hub


Not a big reader? No problem! Watch the EezyPlumb product video instead.

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EP is a unique plumbing connection hub that can be utilized in almost every possible household wastewater outflow scenario. 

What does this mean exactly? Well, it provides an alternative solution to the traditional P and S trap found under most sinks & basins.

P-trap & S-trap

It is a highly versatile alternative that when used, provides a standardized and aesthetically pleasing method for connecting most household plumbing and appliances to the sewer system. EP is the only patented dish/washing machine plumbing hub, incorporating a hidden innovative superior water trap, manufactured in South Africa.

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EP can be installed either internally or externally. 

When installed on the inside of a building it is used to connect hot and cold water from geysers and the municipality to household appliances such as kitchen sinks, dishwashers, washing machines and handwash basins. The wastewater from these appliances is connected to the EP’s inlet after which it passes through the built-in trap to its outlet which in turn is connected to the sewer system.

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An interior decorator’s dream, EP fits flush with the wall which means no more unsightly traps and pipes taking up space underneath your sink.  It’s a major space-saver and gives the inside of your cupboards the aesthetically neat finish we are all wanting!

Cupboard manufacturers will love the fact that they won’t have to design cupboards to fit around the usual maze of traps and pipes ever present below sinks and basins.

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The second option is to install it on the outside of a building. In this application it is used to connect the wastewater outlet from a kitchen sink, handwash basin, bath and shower to EP, its trap and the sewer system. This provides the advantage of privacy since the maintenance crew do not need access to the interior of a building to carry out repairs.

EezyPlumb Image - 6Components:

EP’s inlet and outlet dimensions are designed to accommodate a standard 50mm PVC pipe, however, when connecting to a washing or dish washing machine outlet, a reducer attachment is provided with the device to reduce the EezyPlumb inlet from 50mm to 25mm to which a standard waste pipe from the machine can be secured using a clamp.

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The pipe - when clamped into the base unit - forms a water trap and ensures a minimum SANS compliant water seal of 76mm to a maximum seal of 400mm. This ensures that no harmful & foul sewer odours will creep back up the pipe and into your home due to evaporation.

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The trap is also unique in that it provides a higher than specified waterflow ratio of 69 liters/minute. Its design ensures a strong “vacuum” effect and in doing so minimizes the possibility of solids getting lodged in the trap.

The EP Plumbing Hub is also manufactured with position indicator and installation markings moulded into the main body to ensure correct installation into either inner or outer walls.

Great care has been taken to ensure EezyPlumb conforms to SANS 1321 specifications and the product carries a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years.

Contact your regional sales rep to enquire about this clever product!

Thanks for reading and happy plumbing! :) 


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