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Seaqual (Pty) Ltd is a 100% South African owned plastic injection moulding company with its head office and factory in Knysna. We design, manufacture and distribute plastic drainage solutions that are installed by plumbers and DIY enthusiasts in residential and light commercial construction projects throughout South Africa and elsewhere in Africa and Mauritius. We have an exclusive agency with Mufle Italy for a stylish range of light-duty channel drains and manufacture a range of innovative pipe anchors used to secure plumbing and electrical pipes to any type of surface.
We are a registered importer and exporter with ISO 9001 certification.
Every product range has been thoroughly tested for consistency, material stability & durability, mechanical strength, hydrological performance and functionality.
Our WetFloor and Full-Bore range has been certified by Agrément SA. 
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Seaqual Factory & Headquarters, Knysna 


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Seaqual Company Profile (2021)

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We manufacture “Sea-Quality” plumbing & construction products that are affordable, easy to install, reliable and readily available.


To create high quality products for every plumber & construction professional. 

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We remunerate our staff with competitive salaries and employ from disadvantaged communities, wherever possible. We strive to make our products affordable to the general public whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality. Our factory and admin procedures are ISO 9001:2015 compliant. We are actively seeking export opportunities that will significantly increase the value of our equity thus ensuring future growth and sustainability. We support other SMME’s in the manufacturing and selling process.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Knysna Education Trust:
We have a highly developed sense of social responsibility towards the Knysna community. One of Seaqual’s Directors, Richard Sohn, has been the chairman of an NGO, the Knysna Education Trust, since 1993 and was awarded the Paul Harris Fellow Award for his contribution over the years. The trust focuses on uplifting disadvantaged children by ensuring their attendance at recognised pre-schools, that they are well fed and cared for and stimulated in preparation for their introduction into the Government School system.
The Knysna Education Trust’s website is: http://knysnaedutrust.co.za, which will indicate the nature and extent of the projects they have undertaken and the extent of their past and present successes. The Trust is not only supported by Knysna Rotary but also several large corporations including the Irish community and the National Lotto.
Image from the Knysna Education Trust Website 


The Greater Knysna Business Chamber:

Seaqual is a proud member of the Greater Knysna Business Chamber which is a non-political, membership based, non-profit company created with the goal of making the Greater Knysna area an attractive business & investment destination. Richard Sohn is also a Director of this NPC. 


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GKBC Seaqual Membership Certificate 

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Our products are made from safe, non-leaching plastics including ABS, polypropylene, glass-filled nylon, natural rubber and 316 marine grade stainless steel. These materials have been chosen because of their quality, strength and durability. All of our products are 100% recyclable, right down to the packaging.
According to the “Green” experts, we have a “neutral” green rating. No PVC is used in the manufacture of Seaqual products.
The plastics we use to manufacture our products are safe, recyclable & do not leach toxins into the environment once installed.
Our injection moulding process produces minimal waste and great care is taken to minimize pollution.
The plastics with which we work can be reground and reused and we even sell our regrind to other manufacturers. Proceeds from these sales go to community initiatives like beach clean-ups.
Buffalo Bay (World Ocean Day 2021)


Revive Knysna - Hospital Hill Project (Mandela Day 2023)


Our products are designed with the following criteria in mind:

- Market demand

- SANS requirements

- Does it solve a problem?

- Ease of installation

- Quality, reliability and cost effectiveness

All products are supplied with basic installation instructions and Technical Data Sheets are available on request at tech@seaqual.co.za.

A limited range of CAD drawings is available on request in both 2D, 3D, .dwg and Revit format for use by specifiers.


Technical Support & Assistance:

As a Value-Added company service, we have access to a WET SERVICES Consulting Engineering team – with 20+ years combined experience in the field - who can be available for technical backup assistance on any of our product range.

The WSE Team could also be available for direct appointment to any client, on their professional team for any project requiring their services (covering all of Stormwater reticulation, Sewer reticulation, Hot & Cold Water Plant & reticulation).