Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Why do Seaqual divide certain floor drains into 1st & 2nd Fix Packs?

Construction takes place in phases and since the installation of a floor drain is linked to these phases, Seaqual have split the supply of their drains into a 1st and 2nd Fix Pack.

During the wet works (slab-pouring) phase, the contractor only needs to purchase the 1st Fix Pack, which is then cast directly into the concrete slab.

Purchase of the 2nd Fix can be delayed to coincide with the screeding and tiling, or finishing, phase of a project. This phase often takes place several months later, which means the 2nd Fix components do not have to be stored on site. This reduces costs associated with storage, stock management, theft, losses and breakages, making installation and stock management easier with the added benefit of improved cash flow.

The ABS plastic waterproofing flange may be fitted either at the waterproofing stage, or during the slab-pouring phase.

Dust covers are provided with all 1st Fix Packs and most 2nd Fix Packs to prevent blockages during installation and are easily removed by pressing out the buttons.


2. How do I choose what 1st Fix Pack I need?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the drain being installed indoors or outdoors?
  • Will it connect to a 50mm or 75mm diameter waste pipe?
  • Will the drain be on a roof, a balcony or in a shower?

    If the drain is on a roof, choose Seaqual’s HyDrain.

    The HyDrain’s 1st Fix simply acts as a reducer to channel the flow of water from it’s 110mm spigot to either one of the following 4 options:

  • 50mm vertical (bottom) outlet
  • 50mm horizontal (side) outlet
  • 75mm vertical (bottom) outlet
  • 75mm horizontal (side) outlet
  • HyDrain 1st Fix is supplied without a waterproofing flange. The waterproofing flange comes with the HyDrain 2nd Fix Pack. The HyDrain 1st Fix Pack can therefore also be used if you plan to install a drain in an area that does not require a waterproofing membrane.

    If the drain is in a shower, choose Seaqual’s WetFloor Drain.

    WetFloor Drain is designed for use indoors where the wastewater connects to the sewer line. All indoor drains need to have a water trap, or odor seal, to prevent sewer gas rising into the building.

    WetFloor 1st Fix pack is designed with a higher profile to house a 75mm water trap. The trap is sold as part of the WetFloor 2nd Fix Pack.

    Some WetFloor 1st Fixes therefore have a slightly higher side profile to accommodate the larger 75mm water trap.

    WetFloor 1st Fix Packs are available in 4 outlet options.

  • 50mm vertical (bottom) outlet
  • 50mm horizontal (side) outlet
  • 75mm vertical (bottom) outlet
  • 75mm horizontal (side) outlet
  • WetFloor 1st Fix is provided with a large waterproofing flange and accepts all forms of waterproofing. 

    If the drain is on a balcony, choose Seaqual’s BalconyDrain.

    BalconyDrain 1st Fix Pack is available in 4 outlet options and is designed for use on balconies and other outdoor areas.

  • 50mm vertical (bottom) outlet
  • 50mm horizontal (side) outlet
  • 75mm vertical (bottom) outlet
  • 75mm horizontal (side) outlet

    BalconyDrain 1st Fix is provided with a large waterproofing flange and accepts all forms of waterproofing. The only difference between BalconyDrain & WetFloor 1st Fix is the height profile when ordering in a 75mm side outlet. The BalconyDrain has a lower height profile than that of the WetFloor Drain. This is because balcony slabs tend to be narrower than shower floor slabs.


    3. How do I choose a 2nd Fix Pack?

    In order to choose the correct 2nd Fix Pack you first need to identify the following:

  • Is the drain being installed indoors or outdoors?
  • Will the drain be on a roof, a balcony or in a shower?

    Roof Drains: There is only 1 HyDrain 2nd Fix to choose from. The HyDrain 2nd Fix consists of a large black waterproofing flange and a domed grate. This product is designed for use on flat roofs. The HyDrain 2nd Fix is normally specified together with the HyDrain 1st fix and in rare cases, where a double waterproofing seal is required, it is specified with a WetFloor or BalconyDrain 1st Fix. The products are interchangeable in this way. 

    Shower Drains: WetFloor 2nd Fix Packs:

    17 grate styles and colors to choose from. Two in 316 grade stainless steel with either square or round hole, 14 in ABS plastic, in a variety of colors including white, black, grey and blue and finally, our newly launched TileGrate 2nd Fix. There is something for everyone!

    WetFloor 2nd Fix consists of a grate housing device, a 75mm water trap, and a grate.

    WetFloor 2nd Fix Packs are also compatible with HyDrain 1st Fix packs in cases where a waterproofing membrane is not required. 

    Balcony Drains: BalconyDrain 2nd Fix Packs:

    We now offer a tileable insert option as well as our 3 stylish stainless steel grates: 110x110mm Round or Square Hole design and 200x200mm Square Hole design.

    BalconyDrain 2nd Fixes are also compatible with HyDrain 1st Fixes in cases where a waterproofing membrane is not required. 

    4. Can I install a WetFloor 2nd Fix Pack without a 1st Fix Pack?

    No, WetFloor 2nd Fix is sold with a 75mm deep water trap which fits exclusively into our range of 1st Fixes. Therefore if you install a WetFloor 2nd Fix without a WetFloor 2nd Fix you will not be able to use the water trap and odours will invade your building. A WetFloor 2nd Fix must always be specified or purchased in conjunction with a Seaqual 1st Fix (WetFloor or HyDrain) in order to make up a complete drain. 


    5. Are Technical Data Sheets available on Seaqual Products?

    Yes, Technical data sheets are available on request for all our products, please contact info@seaqual.co.za or call us on +27 (0)44 382 3484.


    6. Are AutoCAD drawings available on the Seaqual Range of Products?

    Yes, AutoCAD drawings are available on most products, but not yet all of them. You need to be a qualified Architect or Engineer to request the drawings and we will ask for proof of profession. Contact tech@seaqual.co.za for assistance. 


    7. Do you manufacture in PVC?

    No! We only use green plastics to manufacture. All 1st Fixes are manufactured from ABS Plastic for strength, impact resistance, chemical resistance and durability.
    Water Traps are manufactured from heat resistant polypropylene.
    Most 2nd Fixes are a combination of ABS plastic and 316 grade Stainless Steel Grates.
    RainDrain Lites and BuddyBats & Clips are manufactured from UV Stabilised Polypropylene.
    RainDrain Nylons and HyDrain Flanges are made from glass Filled Nylon and are UV proof. 
    We do not manufacture any of our components from PVC plastic.

    8. Does it matter if I install a RainDrain Lite grate with a RainDrain Nylon body or vice versa? 

    Yes, it does! RD Lite's grate & body are made from polypropylene and RD Nylon's grate & body are made from glass-filled nylon which both have different shrinkage factors because of their thermal properties. If the two components are switched then the grates will either fit too loosely risking the lid popping off when driven over or alternatively the grate may not fit in the body at all. To make extra sure that this does not happen on a busy site, we have inscribed the words "not suitable for vehicular traffic" on RainDrain Lite's grate so that the two products are easy to tell apart outside of their packaging. Another method could be to look at the colour and texture of the plastic. If the product is uniformly coloured (no striations) and has a "glossy" finish then it is polypropylene. However, if the product has striations in the colour (not uniform) and has a velvety, slightly rough texture, then it is most certainly a RainDrain Nylon. 


    9. Does RainDrain come in alternate sizes?

    No, RainDrain is available only in 250mm x 250mm x 75mm deep. However, we are looking at manufacturing other sizes. Contact us if you require a specific size.


    10. Can I install a DrainMate in a ground floor shower?

    Yes, according to SANS regulations ground floor & basement drains do not require a waterproofing membrane, therefore DrainMate is a suitable solution to your indoor drainage requirements. However, if you plan on renovating or building a double or multistory complex please rather consider using LoLo Drain from your 1st floor up as these floors will require waterproofing and therefore a waterproofing flange will be needed.


    11. Are Seaqual products considered DIY?

    Some Seaqual products can be considered DIY, however we endorse installing them by a qualified professional. If you plan on renovating or building your own home, please select our products carefully and make sure you read and understand the installation procedure. If unsure, please ask a qualified professional.

    Here are a few products considered DIY:

    BuddyBats & BuddyClips - pipe anchors - ease of installation 10/10

    Ceiling Saver - long term cost saver for geysers - ease of installation 9/10

    RainDrain Lite & Nylon - rain gullies - ease of installation 8/10

    HiddenHatch - bath inspection hatch - ease of installation 7/10

    Grate & Waste - use with P-traps or on balconies - ease of installation 7/10

    DrainMate - P-trap & grate combination - ease of installation 6/10

    4All Garage Pack - straight line channel drain - ease of installation 6/10

    The above ratings are based on the assumption that the installer is a DIY novice with no previous experience. 


    12. Are Seaqual products warrantied? 

    Yes, we warranty our products against manufacturers defects. We do not warranty for incorrect installation nor application. 
    All products carry warranties that vary from 12 months to lifetime.
    If you are unsure of your warranty period please contact us on info@seaqual.co.za or call +27 (0)44 382 3484.