Our Products


Along with product patents, Seaqual has designed and owns the moulds and injection-moulding machines used to manufacture the plastic components needed to create their products. We outsource production of the stainless steel components and assemble and package these components, together with those made in our own factory, to form the recognized brands in the Seaqual range.

The Seaqual range of products consists of:


WetFloor Drain:     

Floor drain with a 75mm SABS compliant water trap available with a choice of various grate patterns for an aesthetic finish. Tested by Agrément SA and found to be fit for purpose for use in all Pipe Systems described in SANS 10252-2 Table 19.

Certification No: 2017/541


TileGrate 2nd Fix:

Our “hidden” floor drain, TileGrate, gives a complete floor tile finish effectively “hiding” the drain. The cover tile is easily removed to clean the water trap for maintenance purposes if required. It can be used as an internal or external drain. TileGrate is a 2nd Fix pack and needs to be specified with a 1st Fix in order to make up a complete drainage unit.


LoLo Drain:

A more compact version of the WetFloor Drain consisting of a lower profile 50mm side outlet F-Box with 55mm SABS compliant water trap designed for use in developments where slab space is limited. Available with a choice of stylish finishes. Tested by Agrément SA and found to be fit for purpose in Two-pipe Systems described in SANS 10252-2 Table 19.

Certification No: 2017/541



WetFloor Grate & Waste: 

A simple cost-effective floor drain without a water seal. Available in 40mm and 50mm outlets with a white ABS or stainless steel grate. 




TrapMate & S-trap (New):

Seaqual is now manufacturing a high-quality P-trap in-house. TrapMate is supplied with a basin connector & adapter so that it can connect to a 32mm or 38mm waste. TrapMate is also available as an S-trap with an additional 90° degree bend.



DrainMate consists of a 40mm Grate & Waste combined with our new plastic 40mm adjustable P-trap. It is an entry-level product, ideally suited to low-cost housing projects where strict budgets need to be adhered to. DrainMate is popular for DIY enthusiasts because it's simple to assemble and easy to install.



Consists of a domed leaf guard and a large, robust waterproofing flange for use on flat roofs to lead water into 110mm storm water drainage pipes. HyDrain is a popular option for plumbers who prefer it to the traditional cast iron full bores that are cumbersome to work with, difficult to install and considerably more expensive. Tested by Agrément SA and found to be fit for purpose.

Certification No: 2017/540.



Available in 2 sizes, 110x110mm and 200x200mm with a 1st fix in either 50mm & 75mm, side or bottom outlets with a range of grate finish choices. For use in all areas where a water seal is not required such as patios, balconies, flat tiled roofs, decks etc. Tested by Agrément SA and found to be fit for purpose.

Certification No: 2017/540



Our flagship product is installed at the base of gutter downpipes, in gardens, atriums, walk ways, paved areas and golf courses to lead water into a 110mm storm water system. We produce this product in polypropylene for pedestrian traffic use and glass-filled nylon UV resistant plastic for areas that carry vehicular traffic such as parking bays or driveways.




VitylDrain is designed for vinyl floor applications. It has a large waterproofing flange and is supplied with a 75mm or 52mm SABS compliant water trap. The modern round grate is available in charcoal black or dove grey plastic or in stainless steel. The drain has a screw insert device that further compresses that vinyl around the drain into place leaving a seamless finish for water to flow over without leaking. 



BuddyBats & BuddyClips:

An innovative system for anchoring plumbing and electrical pipe conduit to any surface. Unlike other products on the market, BB's are:

- Quick and easy to install

- Reduce water hammer

- No breakage/wastage when installing

- Come in a range of colours and sizes and reduce the incidence of copper theft because of their unique lock-in mechanism.

Suitable for installation using a nail and anchor or a pozi screw. Once mounted, pipes can easily be accessed to perform maintenance or rerouting by simply removing the pozi or nail.



A tileable inspection hatch intended to save money by enabling quick and easy post-installation access to pipework, junctions, pumps and motors used in the installation of built-in baths, jacuzzis and spa baths.

- No irritation due to damaged tiles that may are longer be available at the tile shop

- No dust and rubble associated with the need to chop tiles and cement

- Saves time and most importantly the cost of labour and new tiles. 

- The removable section also accepts, screed, wood and wallpaper finishes which provides the installer/interior decorator/home owner with multiple options.



Ceiling Saver:

Prevents indoor flooding during vacuum breaker failure (burst geyser) which a shallow drip tray cannot prevent. This handy device can literally save you thousands of Rands in flood damages. It encapsulates the two vacuum breakers on a geyser / boiler and leads water directly to the exterior of a home via an outlet pipe in the case of vacuum breaker failure.



EezyPlumb Multi-functional Plumbing Connection Hub & Water Trap (New):

EezyPlumb is an innovative and unique plumbing connection hub utilised to connect an array of household plumbing appliances to the sewerage system. This allows for the collection and disposal of wastewater from baths, showers, hand-wash basins, kitchen sinks, washing and dishwashing machines into the sewerage system.


4All Channel Drainage System:

3 X 1m linear channel drain lengths wrapped in a “garage pack” specifically intended for the DIY market. Available in a galvanised steel or black HDPE grate finish and imported from Italy. Accessories include stop-ends, bottom outlets and drain boxes (required to create  junctions, 90º bends or T-pieces). 



QualiDrain Channel Drainage System:

Unique features highlighted in bold. Launched in February 2020, this innovative and novel channel drain is used to control the flow of external surface storm water.

It’s simple click-in system enables channels to connect linearly to any desired length, in a T, L or + without a junction box, and in parallel to form a catch pit of any length and breadth by means of a simple U-Connector. All components sold separately so you purchase only what is required. No wastage.

Each channel is supplied with a disposable dust cover for use during installation and is replaced with the grate, which is not stained by concrete slush or sediment, once the concrete has set. Glass-filled Nylon grates are available in 5 standard colours and can be made in almost any other colour subject to availability and size of order. Grates can withstand up to 12 Tons of vehicular weight.

This product qualified for a B125 rating when tested by Agrément SA.



QualiDrain Lite Channel Drainage System (New):

QualiDrain Lite is the cost-effective version of our Nylon and shares all the same benefits except for one small difference - QualiDrain Lite’s grate is manufactured from polypropylene which is the same plastic used to make the channel for both versions of this product. As a result, this version has a carrying capacity of 1.5 Tons making it ideal for areas with pedestrian traffic.