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WetFloor Grate & Waste White 50mm

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  • WetFloor Grate & Waste White 50mm
  • 50mm Spigot

Grate & Waste is a simple device designed to improve aesthetics at minimal cost. This product can be used as both an internal and an external drainage solution. When used internally it is coupled to a P-trap, most commonly found in showers. If used externally it can be coupled directly into either 40mm or 50mm plumbing pipe and is most commonly used as a drainage point on balconies, patio's and stoeps. However some gas installation suppliers use the 50mm Grate and Waste as air vents in walls to allow movement of air through walls in case of a gas leak. 

Grate & Wastes are available in three stylish grate finishes: Stainless steel Square Hole design, Stainless steel Round Hole design or a "solid" white ABS grate. Choose the waste size you require in the finish that matches your aesthetic appeal. 

WetFloor Grate & Waste White 50mm
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