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WetFloor 1st Fix 50mm B/Outlet

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  • 50mm Bottom Outlet

WetFloor 1st Fix Packs are used in the wetworks phase of construction. They can be positioned directly into the formwork of the slab so once the slab is cast, they are preinstalled in the correct position. They are used primarily in indoor applications such as showers, laundries and Kitchens, but may also be used externally on balconies. WetFloor 1st Fix Packs are available in four choices depending on the size and position of outlet required: 50mm Vertical or Horizontal outlet & 75mm Vertical or Horizontal outlet. WetFloor 1st Fix packs are manufactured from impact resistant and durable ABS plastic. To make a complete drainage unit, choose the WetFloor 1st Fix you require and combine it with a WetFloor 2nd Fix of your choice. These products are also compatible with BalconyDrain 2nd Fix packs. 

WetFloor 1st Fix 50mm B/Outlet
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