Unblocking & Cleaning is Easy with our Shower Drain


We’ve all been in that situation where the shower water starts to collect around our feet instead of disappearing down the drain or you walk into your bathroom bright and early in the morning only to be greeted by a drain stench strong enough to put you off your breakfast.

For most people the quickest solution is to throw some corrosive drain cleaner down the drain and call it a day, but who really knows the extent of the damage that these extremely harmful, poisonous- gas-releasing drain cleaners actually do?

With Seaqual’s WetFloor Drain range, unblocking and cleaning your shower has never been easier. The key component here is the removable Well & Trap. This device keeps a small amount of water trapped inside acting as a barrier against foul odors that may travel back up from the sewerage system into your home. It’s super quick and easy to remove and since we can remove it to clean it, there’s really no need to use those harmful drain cleaners.

We prefer using a natural, home-made shower drain cleaner that you can quickly mix up from ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard at home.


These ingredients include:

- 1 Cup White Spirit Vinegar

- 0.5 Cup Bicarbonate of Soda

- 1Tbs Sunlight Dish Washing Liquid

- 2L tap water

Vinegar is a fantastic and natural way to combat mold and bacteria because it cleans, deodorizes and disinfects problem areas like drains. Bicarb is also a very good natural deodorizer. 

Mix all these ingredients together in a bucket and Bob’s your uncle! All you need to do is lift the grate to access the trap underneath which you can do by slipping a screwdriver through one of the holes in the grate and pulling firmly upwards.

Once the grate is lifted, you can remove the Well & Trap and separate it into 2 pieces so that you can remove hair that has collected inside over time and clean and scrub away any grimy build up.

Don’t forget to scrub underneath the grate as you will see that some mold has started to build up there too!

When you are done cleaning, fit the two parts of the Well & Trap back together and place it back inside the drain.

Before putting the grate back into place, be sure to sprinkle a generous amount of Bicarb around the drain and just leave it there for a few hours before you shower again to soak up any odors that might be lingering.

Lastly, you’re going to take a step back and smile because you just achieved all this without a single plumber in sight! Now go make yourself a cup of tea and relax…you’ve earned it!


See the full video tutorial on our YouTube Channel:


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