4All Garage Pack Galvanised Steel

Mufle: Garage Packs
External Surface Drains

4All Garage Packs are simple straight line channel drainage systems used to drain surface water away from areas such as garages. It can withstand a 1,5 ton vehicle and carries a rating of A15. Garage Packs consist of 3 x 1m lengths of HD-PE Channel, 3 x 1m length of a grate in either Galvanised Steel or Black HD-PE, 2 x Stop Ends and 1 x Bottom Outlet that is adaptable to accommodate either 75mm or 110mm diameter pipe with the aid of a socket. Sockets are sold separately. The 4All is certified and imported from Italy. Please note that the below dimensions refer to the 3 x 1-meter channels in their packaging. Please refer to the diagram image for the single channel dimensions.