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QualiDrain Lite 3m Pack Body & Dustcover - Green Grate

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QualiDrain Lite is the lower-cost version of our Nylon. It is an easy to assemble and install all-in-one linear channel drainage and catch pit system for the collection and harvesting of rainwater & storm water. It consists of 250mm long channels and grating both made from polypropylene. QualiDrain Lite is now available as a 3m pack for easy installation in front of garages. Available to purchase separately are stop-ends, bottom outlet pipe connectors, end-outlets (available in two sizes) & a U-clip. The system has a load-bearing capacity of 1.5T and is ideal for areas with pedestrian and light vehicular traffic. This is a proudly South African product, manufactured in Knysna and is also a patented world first.
QualiDrain Lite 3m Pack Body & Dustcover - Green Grate
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